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Susan McKenzie  

Welcome! I’m Susan McKenzie.

I am a Colour Therapist, Healer and Grief Specialist.  
 Life happens with its joys and sorrows and at times we feel muddled.  When we reach that point where we know something needs to change, we are on the precipice of deciding to focus on conscious living.  This is an amazing shift in life.  Colour has the capacity to bring in deep clarity by clearing the subconscious mind of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.  Colour shines a light on the path forward when we can’t see it and brings in a sense of renewal and transformation, gently guiding us forward and supporting any shifts. 

This is an invitation to indulge yourself in Self Care.  Book a Colour Reading and if you live more locally, add a Reflexology or a Relaxation Massage with Vibrational Healing for the ultimate experience of Relaxation and clarity.
Browse my website, I am sure you will find something that will appease your curiosity and your yearning soul. 

Susan McKenzie is located in Burlington, Ontario.

Self Care Calendar

 To get you started on your journey of Self-care, please fill in your name and email for your copy of the Self Care Calendar for some suggestions to nudge you along the way. 

Happy Self-Loving!

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Colours are living entities,
as much as the wind or flowers, or you and me...
Like fragrances, like music, colours can pierce the heart,
expose the soul  and uplift the spirit,
such is the magical power of colour
Lynne Gerard