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Colour Therapy Reflexology
Relaxation Massage Vibrational Healing

The main focus of my business is Clarity and Relaxation. When we have a clear mind we are more able to make conscious decisions that are based on Self Love which deepens our ability for Self Care. In turn, Self Care is at the crux of conscious living as it deepens our connection with the Self. This is an invitation to indulge yourself in the luxury of Self Love and to connect to the things that make your heart and soul sing. I offer services that help to relax the mind and body such as Reflexology and Relaxation Massage with Vibrational Healing using Tibetan singing bowls to bring in ultimate relaxation.  Colour Therapy helps us connect with our subconscious and provides insight.
To get you started on your journey to Self-care, please the link below for a complimentary
Self Care Calendar with some suggestions to nudge you along the way. Happy Self-Loving!

Self Care Calendar
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