Susan McKenzie

With a vast array of personal and professional experience Susan passionately shares her life’s wisdom with her clients.  With experiences ranging from single motherhood, a child’s addiction,  to profound grief and everything in between, Susan is able to support her clients on all levels.  Using Colour Therapy, Susan mentors clients as they travel along their personal journeys.  Colour has the capacity to bring your deepest confusions and doubts to the surface, providing answers that work.  Bringing in the element of relaxation with relaxation massage with heated rocks and vibrational healing, clients are better able to connect their conscious mind.  Peace, Harmony and Balance are the desired goals.  


"After a car accident I was fortunate to have Susan come to my home to provide spiritual healings. She has a very strong connection to the divine which she channels during her healings. The healings were profound and used a wonderful combination of modalities such as crystals and hot rocks as well as a light massage. I would recommend Susan for a healing to anyone, she is truly gifted." ~ Rev Sheila

"I was depressed, sad, highly emotional and had such a negative outlook on life. I went to see Susan, had my first treatment and felt a million times better. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, I felt drained, but in a good way (all of the negative emotions were leaving my body) and within a week of my treatment, I had found a new job! My life since then has been amazing. The treatments with Susan is the best gift I could ever give to myself!" ~ Leslie W

"I have gone for multiple treatment sessions and always have an incredible, individualized experience. Nothing compares. I always leave with a restored sense of balance, calmness and clarity. Would 100% recommend to anyone and everyone." ~ Laura C

Susan is an extraordinary individual with a positive energetic personality.  She brings not only beautiful intuition and deep compassion to her sessions but also true equanimity, authentic presence and joyful warmth to the healing process.  Susan is able to hold a space of such unconditional acceptance that healing occurs at the deepest of levels for her clients.  Susan brings a variety of healing modalities to her practice - Reflexology, Colour Mirrors, massage and vibrational healing.  As a Colour Mirrors Teacher, Susan brings these unique bottles to bring clarity and transformation in many areas of your life: relationships, job energy blocks and personal growth.  Working with Susan is simply a journey like no other.
- Norma Jean Mc

I absolutely loved the insights and guidance I received!  The colours I selected are so clearly aligned with what is happening in my life right now and they’ve helped me develop a deeper understanding of what is happening at the conscious and subconscious level.  I can’t thank you enough for this work.  It is truly transformative.

Celia F.

I had a lovely call with Susan this morning!!  I totally recommend that we recommend Susan to all our friends!  Clarity and abundance!  Thank you!  - Kandice-Lee D

I had a clarity call with the amazing and wonderful, extremely gifted and beautiful soul Susan McKenzie.   Words cannot describe how impactful my message was.  It literally confirmed everything that I've been questioning within myself and my business.  Everyone needs to experience her colour reading and how mind blowing it really is.  Thank you again Susan, I'm still on a hight vibe from our call and it was over 11 hours ago.  You are wonderful!  -  Jamelia G

I had my talk with Susan McKenzie about the mirror bottles that I choose and my intentionand I am really amazed how my reading was so accurate!!!!!   I am taking action tomorrow morning on what I have learned!  Thank you so much for helping getting me moving on my intention.  Amazing work!!!  -  Judite M

"I began to have fearful nights after witnessing a drunk-driving accident.  I was reliving the accident in my head over and over, and I was fearful.  During my session with Susan, she helped me to see a deeper message and I was able to release the fear quickly and to see the gifts in my experience.  I am so grateful to Susan in assisting me in finding my way once again.  She helped me peel that next layer as I moved along my spiritual journey. "
- Judy Machado-Duque, Author, Productivity Coach & Strategist

I was so fascinated by my Triple C call that I booked a session with Susan at her home office.    My experience was phenomenal.  Susan talked with me, had me select Colour Mirror bottles and then she guided me so gently with her knowledge to a new place in my heart.  I experienced so may "ah ha!" moments during my session and those bottles had messages for me that I do not expect.   You will be pleased to hear that since my session with Susan, I have let go of many toxic relationships, found a new job and increased the abundance in my day to day life.    I am grateful for you Susan and I look forward to our next session.   - Sherry W

After a healing colour coaching call with Susan, I took the weekend to just BE and reflect that everything that has happened in my life and happens in my life is divinely planned.  I let go of some anger, fear and feeling paralyzed in my story.  I played and laughed like a kid and really took some time to accept the woman I am today!  Susan I have felt a shift since our call!  Thank you.   - Jaz M