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The Mourning Pages; Working Through Loss.

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I have never seen grief as something to work through to arrive at a space of acceptance. I see grief as a highly transformational time in one’s life. My wish is that you embrace the transformation. Like water flowing over rocks, surrender into the unfolding of your grief journey. In the process of surrendering, you will travel to places that you never dreamed of physically, mentally and emotionally. In the process of surrender, you will find peace for your soul. It is important to remember that to fully live after the loss of a loved one, you need to allow your grief. My hope for you is that your journey through grief becomes a positive transformation in your life.

How to Use

This Workbook

Journaling Pages

The Mourning Pages is a compilation of different tools specially selected to help you navigate your healing as you journey through loss. It is a journey and not a linear one. Each component of this workbook intertwines and supports the others.

Within these covers, you will find journaling pages. I feel there is nothing more cathartic than journaling. Nowhere will you find more sympathetic listeners than a pen and a piece of paper. Journaling allows us to open up, to be vulnerable, honest and authentic to a non-judgmental audience. At the top of each of the journaling pages, you will find a journal prompt, or in some cases, a quote. These prompts are encouragement to discuss some of the things that would be left to linger in the air. Of course, if you choose, you can always free write. When you’re ready…


I believe there is solace in a shared story, knowing that somebody somewhere knows how you feel. I feel honoured that thirteen people agreed to share their unique journeys with me in candid, raw interviews. Each individual opened their heart and shared their journey through loss. I have, as authentically as possible, transcribed their journeys. May you find solace in these stories. When you’re ready…


Scientifically, it has been proven that colour affects the brain and emotions. I am a Colour Therapist. I use the psychology of colour working with the Colour Mirrors System. In this workbook I explain how colour can be used as a healing tool and which colours outshine the others in helping heal grief. Within these pages, to help you to connect with the healing of colour, you will find colouring pages, as well personal stories and how they connect with colour. Remember colour surrounds our everyday life and is free to anyone who wishes to connect to the vibrations of colour. There is an index of colour for quick reference toward the back of book. Lastly, I have included some of the essence sprays from the Colour Mirrors system that help with the healing of grief. Each spray has its own write upfrom the system, as well as a link to a short guided mediation. I hope youwill make use of all of these components of colour. When you’re ready…


A Mantra is a word, sound or phrase that is repeated continuously to aid concentration and to bring about shifts in energy within ourselves. The word mantra comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit meaning instrument of thought. A mantra can be repeated silently or chanted aloud. When chanting aloud, I encourage you to focus on the effects of the sound vibration in your body. It is generally easier to focus when we chant aloud. Mantra is said to induce only positive intentions and actions in the mind and eliminates negative thoughts and emotions. I found chanting mantras helpful amid grief. On the colouring pages interspersed throughout this workbook there are mantra prompts at the top of the right-hand page. You might use this mantra or another mantra of your choice while colouring the pages. This will help you connect even more deeply with the colours you are using. Another fabulous way to use mantras is when you feel overwhelmed by your feelings. Repeating a loving mantra can help relieve some of the intensity of your emotions and eventually bring you into a state of self-love. The powerful healing mantra Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung and sung by artist Snatam Kaur would be a fabulous soundtrack for colouring. When you’re ready…

Self Care Calendar for Grief

Acknowledging the Self in times of grief may not come easily but it is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself in this trying time of your life. Acknowledging the Self entails consciously connecting to your body and your mind. It is a check in with your Soul, so to speak, and is about taking care of your needs. Self Love precedes Self Care, hence the two go hand in hand. This is an invitation to connect with the Self, to seek out things that will promote Self Love in your life.

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