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lunar wisdom

Working with Lunar Cycles has been around for as long as humans have been growing crops. Planting, pruning and harvesting during one of the eight Lunar Cycles has been common throughout the centuries. As well, the Lunar Cycle has an effect on the tides of the waters on our beautiful planet. With the human body comprised of at least 60% water overall and some organs and soft tissues being 80% water it is logical that the moon would have an effect on the human body as well as other creatures on the planet.

There are eight cycles to the moon. It grows from dark to light in the Waxing cycle and then from light to dark in the Waning Cycle. I use the Lunar Cycle as a manifestation tool. The Moon is a great accountability partner and if you connect with her energies and work with her, she will gently guide you through her cycles towards the realization of your intentions set from the New Moon. It is my pleasure to share my Lunar Wisdom with you as you learn your own Lunar Wisdom to share with others.

I work with the Colour Mirrors System, which uses the psychology of colour to mirror back to you that which your Soul has been waiting to release. These are thoughts and emotions that block progress to realizing your highest potential. Connecting to colour happens on a subconscious level and when you connect, colour will highlight what you need to release and then aids that process. I post Colour Mirrors bottle choice videos on each New and Full Moon on Facebook and Instagram. Please join me on either or both.

You will see on my website there are also Essence sprays in the Colour Mirrors System. There are three essence sprays designed to support your journey through the Lunar Cycles. They are featured below if you wish to read about their Moon Magic, connect with their energy and colour or if you wish to purchase.

I look forward to connecting somewhere under the moonlight.

Happy Cycling.

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Sister New Moon

Sister New MoonLet me guide you into the dark night sky where mystery resides. Let me gently lead you into the dark corners of your soul, the place where your deepest dreams and desires reside. Starlight lights the way. I am a reminder to stand in faith, a reminder to go beyond what the eye can see. In the New Moon Cycle, I am in the night sky although you can't see me. I connect to your inner wisdom. I encourage new beginnings and I challenge you with the question: “What is your next move?”. I help with clarity, if you are willing to listen. Allow yourself to consciously connect with my feminine energy and I will encourage you to tap into your soul where you will rediscover knowledge and the ingenuity to make miracles happen.

Sister Full Moon

Sister Full MoonI am the golden light that illuminates the night Sky. I am Sunlight and Moonlight. Light and dark. Balance. I am cleansing, comforting. I am the halfway point through the Lunar Cycle. I lead you home if you feel lost. I am that I am. Repeat that phrase as you breathe in my soft glow of moonlight. I am that I am. Allow peace, gratitude and grace to fill your cells as you connect to your authenticity. I am the light at the end of the tunnel as moonlight energy fuels your soul with one final push to complete your intentions. Now is the time to release control, find forgiveness and surrender into the flow of life’s perfection.



MoonlightThe pale dreamy essence puts us in a quiet, peaceful space from which to open to mystery and magic of the moon. When we are in need of gentleness, nurturing and soul nourishment, Moonlight will softly open the door to self-love, allowing us to receive all the love and grace that the universe has to share with us. She invites us to stop and appreciate the wonder and beauty of the world, to step into the unknown, to open to the mystery and the ‘not knowing’, to be with ‘what is’, even when we don’t know what that this. Her light is gently expansive, creating space for us to embody the full, rich, luminous love she offers. In her quiet strength, the Moon helps us hold our own strength and light in the face of challenges and imparts to us a sense of being at peace in our own skin. Her light of clarity illuminates our thoughts and feelings so that we can discover what is real for us and what is illusion. She shines a light into the ‘dark’ places so that we can draw them our into the light, into love, thereby releasing the shadow’s hold upon us. She helps quieten our fears and release resistance, bringing us into flow so that we are more receptive to life and to our intuitive guidance. Moonlight enables us to enter the soft creative, dreamtime flow where all is possible. Her light and energy is something we may never fully comprehend with our minds but which resonates deeply with us at a body, heart and soul level. Moonlight is a gift of grace to us from the moon, taking us into the depths of ourselves, the world and the cosmos and illuminating those depths so that truth might be revealed.