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Colour Mirrors

bottles2smallColour Mirrors™ is a healing system that takes the energies of light and uses them to address the deeply buried thoughts and beliefs that reside within your cells.  The light at the core of the Colour Mirrors™ system and the healing intention embodied in each of the coloured bottles travels swiftly into the core of your being, releasing old stored memories and dissolving what is no longer required.  The information carried on the light waves of colour also opens you to questions (ie. What am I here for? What choices can I make?).  When you find yourself stuck, overwhelmed or in difficulty, colour has the capacity to bring your deepest confusions and doubts to the surface, providing answers that work, will help you feel renewed and will point the way forward.  Colour has been used as a thereupeutic tool in many different ways for centuries.  
Colour Mirrors™ is unique in that it reveals colour as the ultimate mirror.[1]  The Colour Mirrors™ bottles have been created with the intention of healing and immeasurable love.  Looking at an array of bottles that were chosen by you will reflect back to you aspects of yourself.  It is your unique story, and colour patiently waits for you to unlock your potential.   

Triple C - 30 minute Virtual Colour Clarity Call (reading analysis with a two bottle pick)   
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Colour Mirrors™ Reading  1.5 hours (Virtual)
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Colour Mirrors™ Reading with healing 1.5 hours (in Person only)
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[1] The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors by Korani Connolly & Melissie Jolly