Massage, Sound & Colour Therapy

bowl 1

You will begin by choosing up to five Colour Mirrors bottles.  After your selection, you will lay face down on a massage table.  Heated sacred rocks from Manitoulin Island wrapped in a towel are placed on your clothed back.  The heat and weight of the rocks produces a deeper relaxation and a grounding feeling of comfort. Your legs and feet are massage as your body basks in the warmth of the rocks on your back.  The rocks are then moved to your legs while your back, neck, arms, hands and hips are massaged.  Your only job is to let go and enjoy.   It will be easy to do!  
During the massage Tibetan singing bowls are played to help induce a greater relaxation and to help balance the body. The vibrations of the bowls will connect with your Alpha, Theta and Beta brain waves providing a calming effect on the brain.  A singing bowl will be placed on your back and played.  The vibrations gently touch the blood, tissues, cellular memory and water of the body bringing in greater vibrational alignment and creating a perfect state to release blocked energy.  After the session you will feel relaxed, calm and more consciously connected to your body and soul as we discuss your bottle selection and the significance of your colour choices.

Investment: $150.00 per one hour session