The eight short, guided meditations below are infused with sound vibration. They were written, recorded and are linked to my book “The Mourning Pages; Working Through Loss”. They are a lovely way for you to reconnect to your soul for a few minutes. Indulge yourself. 💗

Archangel Metatron

11. Archangel Me 4ece37354288e

Pink Angel

02. Pink Angel o 4ece36125851d

Green Angel

06. Green Angel 4ece369de837d

Lilac Angel

27. The Lilac Dr 52d7b8b20a940

Green Dragon

06. Green Dragon 4ece369de837d

Black Dragon

19. The Black Dr 4ece3ae6af5ac

White Dragon

27. The White Dr 4ece3ed112462

Red Dragon

21. The Red Drag 4ece3bd0154aa