Numerology is the study of numbers and their patterns. It is based on the premise that numbers express not only quantity but also quality (ie unity & duality).  Numerology is used in a number of ways including pairings with the alphabet.

Pythagorean Numerology states that we move through life in Nine year cycles.  At the end of each Ninth Cycle, we return to Cycle One and work through to Nine again, and so on.  The following formula will help you figure out which Cycle Year you are in this year (month of birth + day of birth + current year in full).  For this exercise we want to reduce to a single digit.  Once you have done the math, please take advantage of the complimentary PDF on Cycle Years and how I relate them to the Colour Mirrors System.  Just fill out your name and email in the form below to read the Cycle Years PDFs.
This can be a guide for your year. 

Example:   Birth date:  21st April   (April is the fourth month) 

The cycle year is worked out as follows:

4 + 2 + 1 + 2 +0 + 2 +2 = 13  then    1 + 3 = 4
(Note – you need a single digit so if your result is 10 you go one step further 1+0= 1)

This birth date is in a Cycle four Year.

As mentioned earlier, Numerology can work in conjunction with the alphabet whereby each letter is represented by a specific number.  If you have downloaded the PDF, you will see that Numerology also pairs well with the Colour Mirrors™ system.  Each of the bottles in the Colour Mirrors™ system is numbered and the numbers bring in their own set of insights.  Pairing Numerology, Colour and the Alphabet opens a whole new set of insights for names and business names.  Connecting the Colour Mirrors™ system with the Alphabet through Numerology brings in greater awareness to the blocks we put on our own path, and gently removes them guiding us towards our greatest potential. 
A Soul Path Reading is powerful and rewarding.  It uses a combination of numerology and colour to answer questions regarding your life path, current life lessons and the ways colour can enhance your life. This reading uses your birth date, and your full name as well as bottle choices.


Name Reading (ie business, personal, business program etc) ** This is a written report. C$50 (HST included)

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Soul Path Reading 1.5 hours (1-hour virtual and .5hr prework before the call by me). C$100 (HST included)

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