Colour Mirrors Practitioner Course

Color Mirror Bottles

The Colour Mirrors system was founded by Melissie Jolly in 2001. These programs are a soul calling, and if you feel drawn to study colour analysis, numerology or teach higher consciousness through the lens of colour or add colour analysis to your business or practice, please submit an email to indicate your interest.

The course timing
A 60 hour intensive Program scheduled on days that work best for the collective group. Groups are small and intimate for maximum benefit. Included in the program is a 12-monthly zoom mentoring with occasional in-person meetings.

What you study
  • Psychological and analytical meanings of 19 Colours
  • The colour mirrors system that comprises 87 dual coloured bottles and 42 spritzer essences
  • Higher consciousness learning of each colour
  • The spiritual principles derived from the Melchizedek teachings
  • The new chakra colours that include gold, silver, platinum and diamond that raise your body frequency from 3D to 5D
  • Chakra balancing techniques on how to raise your clients from the old denser colours of reds, yellows and greens to the new 5D frequencies
  • Learn 10 different types of colour readings you can offer clients using the Colour Mirrors bottles and star chart and ways to incorporate colour into your business

You qualify to offer your clients
  • Chakra balancing sessions
  • Colour Readings in person or on-line
  • Colour Healing – Excellent for adding on to services people already offer

7 Day Course Fee CAD $2486 (HST included)

To work with colour analysis as a business, you will need to purchase bottles that you are drawn to work with. There are no hidden membership or annual fees. This is not an MLM set up.
A small initial fee will be charged to register your biography and details onto the main website as a practitioner if you require that service. If you have reserved and received confirmation of your booking to attend this program, you can submit your payment for $$2486 (HST included)